Actor Lee Minki quietly enlisted in the military on the 7th



It has been revealed that actor Lee Minki has enlisted himself in the military without the media and fans’ knowledge.

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This is just wrong#!!

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Anonymous: What are your thoughts on lee jong suk?

He’s very pretty. I’m not an uber fan but he’s a welcome addition to any project. 

11:10 am  •  5 August 2014
yumemong: Hi, have you been watching the current dramas? Fated to love you, hs king, josean gunman, it's okay it's love?

Girl, YES! I watch all of them. I adore HS King and It’s Okay, it’s Love. I’m actually in the JG drama club on Dramafever so I’m definitely watching that. A little slow…

I recently returned to Fated to Love You. It was a little too animated for my tastes so I had to take a break. Now it’s really growing on me. 

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