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Coming to you in six disjointed parts because I’m very hungry and can’t have any cheez-its until I have posted, so. This is also why you are not getting any pictures. Well, that, and Viki’s video quality is awful.

Part 1: Hye-won, while I’m a tad bit upset you ditched Sun-jae on the side of the…

All of this. YES. 

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Anonymous: Is Full Sun/Beyond the Clouds worth watching? It looks like the next crop of kdramas coming soon look promising. I'm hoping to find my next crack drama. LOL.

I made a conscious decision not to continue watching Full Sun. For reasons. Haha.

The little that I did see was good. Great production and acting. VERY MELO. 

Honestly, Secret Love Affair is my crack right now. My provocative, dangerous, thank-the-drama-gods-for-all-that-Yoo-Ah-In-is crack.

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Anonymous: Is it just me or there really aren't many good korean dramas out there? Nothing really interests me anymore. The only one's I've enjoyed is Rooftop Prince and SUFBB and that was in 2012. Aigoo!

I’m at this point where it’s hard to find dramas that I enjoy from start to finish. That comes every three or four years so I don’t expect it anymore. You Who Came from the Stars was pretty good but I can’t say it’s in my top 5 fave dramas list. 

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Anonymous: Are you watching the Thai version of Full house?

No, but I will. I’m determined!

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Anonymous: Is beyond the clouds a good watch so far?

I haven’t been watching. I have to keep the amount of melos I watch to a minimum. I only need to watch the really good ones and BtC wasn’t my cup of tea. Not to say it isn’t beautifully shot and acted. I just can’t do another melo right now. 

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Anonymous: im very curious how do you decide whether a drama is a good drama like what factors do you consider?

Good question!

Well, there’s a lot of factors:

  1. Writing - How well is the dialogue written? Do I hang on every word or is it just fluff where I listen to every other sentence just so I know what’s going on? Do the words have some effect on me? 
  2. Story flow or pacing - You know how you watch a drama and it may start off really well, but it hits what I like to call “the wall” and it seems like we’re revisiting the same topic over and over again? Yeah, I hate that. A drama should be able to present a story so that it flows from event to event smoothly and in an entertaining way. Some writers get desperate to hang on to their audience by giving some earth shattering event, but that then leaves us nothing to look forward to. The audience wants little explosions as we go along and a big BOOM for the finale. Draw us in deeper then drop a ending on us that makes us happy we followed the story until the end. 
  3. Chemistry - There are some that say chemistry between the characters is a matter of opinion or perspective. I disagree. Chemistry can be felt by everyone if it’s there. I want to invest in the characters and the relationship they have with each other, whether it be a good or bad relationship. The chemistry that is established between the characters determines whether I love them or love to hate them. The more I feel one way or the other determines if I’ll keep watching because why would I continue to watch something if I don’t give a damn about any of the characters. For example, plotwise Queen In-hyun’s Man was not spectacular. The time travel aspect was uneven and almost unnecessary. BUT I ADORED THE MAIN COUPLE. So much so that I watched the show every week in spite of the increasingly unnecessary time travel subplot. It helps that the production/writer realized why people were watching and made sure the romance was the main focus. 
  4. Predictability - Don’t get me wrong, some cliches are a comfort to me, but don’t expect me to continue watching if I can tell you what’s coming next before someone even writes it.
  5. The ending - The worst thing a drama can do is waste my damn time. We spend MONTHS watching these shows so for a series to not give us a satisfying ending is a crime to humanity. I’m not even saying every drama should have a blissfully happy ending every time. I’m saying it should be appropriate. If a sad ending will end the drama in a beautiful way, I’m okay with that. If a happy ending is more fitting, even better. But what a writer cannot do is give us an open ending, especially when there will likely not be another season of that show! It’s damn lazy and, honestly, mean. There are a couple of exceptions to this. For example, Heartless City’s ending was a little vague, but it fit the tone of the series as a whole and I liked it so much that I was forgiving. A happy ending would be unrealistic, but a sad ending would have been unsatisfying. More recently this could apply to You Who Came From the Stars. The ending was happy but not perfect. Appropriate for the show.  
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The fact that i listen to kpop basically 24/7 and not fluent in korean yet really bothers me

Change kpop to dramas and EXACTLY. 

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Don’t let yourself be someone’s bookmark but a book worth reading again and again.

In Time With You (via blissfulennaira)

Always reblog.

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