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Daniel Henney OMFG



Greatest proposal ever.

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살다가보면 - Jung In from King of High School: Life Conduct OST

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23. Korean dramas
People hoping to fill that television desert with other sweeping epics featuring a cast of thousands and a healthy dose of camp strung out over binge-worthy seasons should commit to some subtitles and dive into Korean dramas. The best candidate for a newcomer might be Chuno (The Slave Hunters), which has historical sprawl and some great acting in a plot that features mistaken identity, poisoned royals, and comparatively cinematic aesthetics. For those looking for a more overtly fantastical story, check out Ja Myung Go, a fairy-tale retelling, which follows two princesses fated to tear a kingdom apart and features a mystical war drum that holds the key to the kingdom. And any fans looking for a story about a young woman trying to gain herself a throne should try Queen Seondeok, which centers on the first female ruler of the Korean kingdom of Silla. On TV, her ascension includes barrels of royal intrigue, prophecy, hiding out in plain sight as a boy, and sneaking her way onto the throne, should Game Of Thrones fans be into all that.

AV Club, “Beyond the Wall: 23 entertainments to keep you sated until Game of Thrones Returns” (via outside-seoul)\

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